Paediatric Physiotherapy is the treatment and care of babies, children and young people from birth to 19 years. Treatment is based upon assessment of the child’s needs and the formation of an individual treatment programme.

Paediatric Physiotherapists promote the health and wellbeing of children and have additional knowledge and experience of child development and of childhood disabilities.

Paediatric physiotherapists recognise the importance of working in partnership with the child, parents and carers to maximise a child’s physical abilities and independence.

At Berkshire Kids Physio, we only see children and all staff are specialist paediatric therapists. We are child friendly and treatments are geared towards the individual requirements of the children and their families/carers.

We think that physiotherapy exercises should not be boring and a pain to do so we make each programme fun and individual to the child. We understand that it is harder to keep to something you don't enjoy. We use specific goals to aim for so that the children can clearly see what they have achieved. We also try hard to set some exercises/stretches that can be done whist at school/nursery or when doing other things like reading, watching TV or playing on Ipad's. etc

We try and include hobbies and interests into the exercises and make them age appropriate. We listen to both the parents/carers and the children when we assess, in order to find out what is required.

CONDITIONS SEEN                 

Berkshire Kids Physio sees children with lots of different requirements. Your child does not have to have a specific diagnosis for us to see them. Berkshire kids physio will see children with: 

Long term Neuological conditions

•    If your child has Cerebral Palsy or other diagnosed Neuro-muscular conditions.
•    If your child appears floppy and low in tone.
•    If your child is delayed or slower than you had expected to walk, crawl, sit or roll
•    If you have noticed that your child is struggling to keep up with other children their age.
•    If you feel your child looks awkward and clumsy when walking or moving, and trips or falls a lot.
•    If you have concerns about your child's posture / foot position / leg position
•    If you child is on the Autistic spectrum or has Dyspraxia.
•    If your child has been diagnosed with a condition in which you feel Physiotherapy may be beneficial.
•    If your child has recently had botox.
•    To aid recovery and gain improvements following surgery such as SDR, Hip re-location, tendon/muscle lengthening.

Musculoskeletal/Sports related injuries
•    If your child is sporty and is having problems with their performance due to pain (for more info click here)
•    To offer pre-hab to a child in their chosen sport to prevent further injury  (for more info click here)
•    If your child has suffered an injury or fracture and needs help to recover
•    If your child was born or developed a head turning preference.
•    If your child walks with their feet turned in or out.
•    If your child suffers with hyper/hypomobility.

•    To aid recovery post surgery

Berkshire Kids Physio will offer a comprehensive initial assessment either at home, at school/nursery or at the child’s sports club, which will then be followed by detailed feedback to parents and carers. We can then work together to set 'child centered' therapy goals and plan individualised therapy sessions to meets your child's needs, working alongside other health professionals if appropriate, or simply offer advice and reassurance if that is all that is required. Treatment is tailored to the individual child and their family. For more information regarding treatment sessions and prices please click the links below.